To compete as a registered athlete, you need to register with Athletics New Zealand. 

To register for the 2024/2025 season please use this link. Note: from 2023, your registration lasts for a full year from the date you register.  For example, if you register on May 1st 2024, your registration expires May 1st 2025. 

For the 2024/2025 season the registration fee for those 7-14 years old is $70, for those 15-19 years old is $100 and for those over 20 is $145. The breakdown of where your registration fee goes is shown below. 

7-14 Years15-19 yearsOver 20
Athletics New Zealand$37$53$69
Athletics Canterbury$20$30$40

If you have previously belonged to a club, no matter how long ago, you will need to email Margy Gilpin so that she can put in a transfer request on the Athletics NZ website before you can register and join DGRS.