Don Greig
Coach & Committee

Don Greig has a wealth of running experience which he willingly shares with runners of all abilities. He is dedicated to helping everyone run faster, further and better than they ever thought possible, regardless of ability, age or experience. Don is the head coach and training sessions are planned to best prepare for up-coming races.

Don represented New Zealand in the Marathon at the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, and was selected for the 1980 Olympic games in the USSR. Don has a marathon PB of 2:13:50 (achieved twice in 1981 and 1982 in Auckland), and is a past winner of the Rotorua Marathon (1985, 2:22:16), Christchurch Marathon (1980, 2:17:08), Mossbach, Germany Marathon (1980, 2:16:20), Wiri Marathon (1984, 2:18:03). He finished 13th at the Boston Marathon in 1979 (2:14:50).