Little Blue

Current Holder of Little Blue - Don Greig

A pacer at the Christchurch half marathon this year, this person undertook to new levels a deep sense of instilling confidence and self-belief in those athletes under his stewardship he was pacing, by leaving them to thrive on their own for a km in the later stages of the half marathon, and to only re-join them a km later post a wee rest and catch up with a few random spectators. Outright winner of the Christchurch 20km Road Race 2023 in a time of 1hr 30min, the recipient of this term’s Little Blue is none other than the club namesake – Don Greig.

Past Recipients of Little Blue

Dave Cox:

The crime scene for Summer 22’s recipient was none other than National Road Relays. Running the anchor leg to bring home the medal, this young lad, having served his 4-year apprenticeship had finally become of age and therefore value.  We exchanged batons from Leg 7 to 8 with a healthy 4 minute lead on fourth place – “see you in 29 minutes mate, no way we can lose!” Laz quipped, as the team headed toward camp for a sausage and a beer, in the knowledge of a job well done, smelling yet another podium finish. Well, 29 minutes passed, as did 30, 31, 32 and 33… Dave Cox in his grand debut in the big boys team (over 50s men), got lost. To his credit, Dave fought it out and managed to keep that podium finish and rounding out a stunning day for the club.

Harriet Kingston:

The winner of this round of ‘Little Blue’ went to none other than Harriet Kingston for going beyond a stride out and a rep. Harriet got down on all fours to be treated no more than a fence sty to assist Bruce over the wall at Ngā Puna Wai one fateful Tuesday evening. Another example of community durability, connection and let’s be honest member preservation.