Welcome To A New Running Year with DGRS

 Hi Everyone

On behalf of the DGRS Committee, I would like to convey our appreciation of the support our members offer, and the sweat they leave in the black singlet with the white horse. A club is only as good as its members, which is quite simply why the DGRS is exceptional. Each member brings abundant enthusiasm, valuable social currency, and a uniqueness worth sharing. They give the DGRS its identity and are the ingredients of our club culture and success. Thank you! 

With this said…Welcome to a new running year!  

A new initiative undertaken by Athletics New Zealand, is to offer rolling 12-month subscriptions (rather than the previous structured April 1st to March 31st format). In summary: the day you sign up, your 12 months starts. The DGRS will be following this initiative. Whilst Athletics New Zealand have also offered both Summer and Winter memberships, we have agreed that these seasonal options do not fit our club membership / coaching model.   

Membership Rewards

We are very focussed on providing our members tangible rewards and benefits.  Beyond getting to run in the famous club colours, and being in contention for the big prizes at prize giving, registered members in 2023 will receive:

  • Abundant free coaching, comradeship, and every chance to succeed. 
  • A discounted price for the mid-week speed sessions at Ngã Puna Wai ($1 cheaper per session than non-members).
  • A discounted price on all apparel items.
  • A membership discount card at participating retailers.

 DGRS Subscription fees up to March 2024 are: 

Adult (over 20yrs)     $140.00

Youth (15 – 19 yrs)     $100.00

Junior (7-14yrs)          $70.00 

See full details on how to join here.

This website has a list of upcoming events, details of our training runs, an honours board of our club awards and currently being updated the fastest times our athletes have achieved in the black singlet. You can also read DGRS newsletters, see who is on our committee, view our sponsors and useful links.

We look forward to seeing you for the new year. Fresh faces are extremely welcome, and testimonials are a plenty on why the DGRS is a great club of choice. Should anyone require further information on joining for 2023, please feel free to contact me anytime. 

Best Regards Phil